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Open House Etiquette by Geraldine Santiago

When shopping around for property, whether it is your first home or investment property, buyers need to acknowledge the fact that the property is someone's home and someone else's property.   Most showings for open houses are pre-scheduled so owners and tenants have time to get ready for the showings.  However, at times, open houses can be intrusive.  Showings can be intrusive for all- families with young or elderly children, pets, during holiays and special days, or when someone is sick at home. 


Be aware that there is absolutely no smoking inside the property while you are at an open house. There really should be no drinking, or eating either.  Please remove your shoes before entering the property unless the agent or owner advises you not to remove your shoes.  There could be renovations underway, and it might be safer for you to keep your shoes on. 

If you have young children, it might also be wise to allow them to view properties once you have already placed an offer.  Having to monitor your child's behavior at an open house, keeping them from wandering away from you, or keeping them from touching things might be a difficult task while you are trying to look at a property.

For showings, as a buyer, try your best to request after meals and during convenient times for the owner or tenant.  For viewings, most buyers do take photos of properties they are extremely interested in purchasing.  However, before taking out your camera, please ask your agent first for permission.

These are just some of the things you need to know as a buyer when looking at a property.  I hope this helps! 

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