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My Home Owner's Manual-- Welcome to Your New Home!

For new developments, it is expected that the developer provide a home owner's manual to the new home owners. Valuable information is included like a copy of the New Home Warranty--(2-5-10), operation manual for all the appliances, a copy of the registered strata plan, floor plan, parking and storage information, a copy of the Strata Condominium Act, Copy of Rules and Regulations, Information on amenity hours, use,  strata manager's contact information, emergency contacts, security information and so on.

If you are thinking of selling your home,  why not prepare your own Home Owner's Manual to provide new home owners?

Some of things you'd like to include are:

* Any or all appliance operation's manual
* Any or all extended warrantees for appliances
* Receipts or contact information for any of the systems throughout the house
  - Hot Water Tank
   -Heating System
   -Cooling System
   -Alarm System or Surveillance Systems

   -Remote Controlled Systems
   -Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler System

For small or large renovations:

* Contractor's receipts, all information including contact information

* Manufacture's warrantees
* Receipts
* Permits
* Architectural Designs and Plans

* Surveys

Other Miscellaneous

* City Garbage Information
*Street Cleaning and Tree Pruning Schedule
* Yearly City Events like Fireworks, Marathons, Festivals that could effect your neighbourhood, especially parking
* Smoke detector information on last battery change
* Hot tub, pool, or sauna maintenance information, repair and contact information

* Garden Service Information

* Fireplace maintenance and repair information 

These are just some of the things I have recommended to sellers when they are thinking of selling their home.  I, myself, have gathered these over the years with my home. I don't expect to be selling my home in the near future, but in case I do, I have everything in place so that the new home owners will have some piece of mind.