Vancouver Neighbourhood Values by Geraldine Santiago

Neighbourhood Values by Geraldine Santiago, Realtor

When Realtors like myself place a value on your home, we know the local real estate market statistics, but most importantly, they know the intrinsic nature of the neighbourhood and its surroundings. Your property's location is valued as well its neighbourhood.

Values are placed on whether your neighbourhood has a certain 'cachet' or in other words-- 'neighbourhood appeal'. And these values can either be positive or negative. In France, the 7th Arrondissement in Paris, which is located on the Left Bank, is Paris' quintessential neighbourhood. This neighbourhood is filled with culture and history. Its vintage atmosphere is the ideal and central location, in the heart of Paris. Here, there are unique shops, boutiques, book stores, antique stores, art galleries, chocolate shops, neighbourhood street markets, cafes and charming bistros-- all on quaint cobbled streets. The ambiance is full of character, full of joie de vivre!

In the United States and Canada, neighbourhoods with white picket fences, rather than chain linked fences, have positive values. In addition, neighbourhoods with well established and leafy trees and foliage, rather than that of a newly developed area without any greenery or landscaping whatsoever, have a positive value. Examples of negative values are~ To read more, go to:

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