Congratulations! You're a home owner and you move in to your first home. And then there's a hiccup. WHAT?  

A huge wine stain on the floor, a cracked window, appliances that don't work, an electrical surge, keys and remotes that don't open doors, leaky faucet, heat not working, hot water tank leaking, garage full of junk and furniture, an unexpected snow storm, or fixtures that were removed by the seller or tenant.

Stay calm and focus. There are remedies and with your Realtor on hand to help guide you, you will not face these problems on your own. Whether you are buying a brand new property from a developer or a resale home, there are certain aspects that you can avoid or even anticipate.

If it is an older home, or property, building inspection reports do not provide a TIME for when the electrical surge will happen, or for a gas leak. That is beyond anyone's scope. Make sure you purchase home insurance before you take possession as these hiccups, unfortunately, do occur.

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