What are my options if a developer wants to buy my property? by Geraldine Santiago

My neighbours have started and signed with a Realtor® to have our entire block as part of a land assembly.  What are my options? 

Land assemblies are not all the same size.  Sometimes, a land assembly can happen with two or three adjacent homes on the same block. It can happen with the entire block as well.  It can also happen with only one very large piece of land.  I have also seen land assembly projects where developers go around a single property. There are many homes like this where there is a singleton amidst a high rise or row townhome.  The photo above shows a property home owner- for whatever reason- either did not want to sell or was not included in the development. 

Land assemblies are not for every home owner as many people are on different time and financial objectives.  You may have just recently renovated substantially or built a new home on your property. However, joining in at a later date once the developer has already spent money, time and energy to put forward their proposal to city officials might be a lost cause and you may be too late.  

If you are thinking about selling your home as a land assembly feel free to contact me at any time  at (604) 764-6873 or email me at geraldinesantiago9@gmail.com 

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