Obtained from Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, October 2013

Each time a home changes hands, the transaction generates significant spin-offs, creates jobs and keeps our communities growing.  

The Canadian Real Estate Association has released a new data that finds that in BC, a residential sales transaction generates $64,500 in economic spin-offs and 0.49 jobs.

In 2012, in the Real Estate Board area, a total of 25,032 homes sold on the MLS generating $1.6 billion in economic activity and 12,265 jobs.

"All told, jobs generated directly and indirectly through the sale and purchase of MLS homes accounted for about 1 in 98 jobs across the entire economy"--Canadian Real Estate Association

Geraldine Santiago is a RE/MAX Realtor®  licensed in both residential and commercial real estate services, specializing in land assembly projects and land acquisition. She is a published author of three real estate reference books for Self-Counsel Press Ltd. namely the "Complete Home Buyer's Guide for Canadians", "Selling Your Home I Canada" and "Buy and Sell a Recreational Property in Canada" and her recently self-published ebook "How to Band Together with Neighbours in Land Assembly", 2018.   She is known for seminars on real estate trends in buying and selling in metro Vancouver.